Green Tones

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Green Tones Homeware

Over the last decade we have developed a range of eco-friendly homeware including Bamboo Fibre plant pots, recycled tableware and pet bowls in a range of bold colours. Wood fibre plant pots are also available.

Eco Friendly

Our homeware is manufactured predominantly from recycled materials. Bamboo Fibre is an innovative composite of recycled bamboo powder, corn starch and a small amount of melamine resin. Wood fibre plant pots only contain natural materials and are 100% biodegradable. 


Bamboo Fibre lends itself to sleek designs. These are best complemented with bold, block colouring. Colours are achieved using food grade dyes.

The story so far

Our founders were first drawn to bamboo products by their sharp colours and lines. They made the decision to put the Green Tones range together after discovering they were predominantly manufactured from recycled bamboo products, or the offcuts of their production. 

New products and colours have been added in the ten years since. New materials are also being introduced.

Delivery of online sales

Goods purchased by noon will be dispatched the same working day.  Delivery takes 2-3 days and costs £3.50, regardless of quantity. Contact us if you have a more urgent requirement.


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