Bamboo Fibre

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Bamboo Fibre

The majority of the Green Tones range is moulded in Bamboo Fibre.

This innovative composite mostly comprises powder ground out of end of life bamboo products - such as  chopsticks, placemats, decking and scaffolding - or the offcuts from their production.

This recycled powder is mixed with organic corn starch, a small amount of resin (melamine) for binding and food grade dyes.


Bamboo Fibre is not one material. It is made up of 3 major ingredients, mixed with food grade dyes. The exact balance varies according to product. A typical batch comprises:

70% Bamboo powder

20% Melamine Resin 

10% Cornstarch

Bamboo Fibre is BPA free.

Melamine resin

Melamine resin is typically used to bind bamboo fibre composites. It is a polymer of the organic compound melamine and naturally occurring formaldehyde.  Progress has been made on alternative resins, but costs remain prohibitive. All reasonably priced Bamboo Fibre products contain melamine resin.

Food Contact

Bamboo Fibre tableware from our partner factory is regularly tested to ensure it meets the highest food contact safety standards.

Only high grades of the materials required for the composite are used in production. Other, lower quality tableware, featuring larger quantities of unsuitable melamine resin, has been reported to leach in extreme circumstances and when subjected to high temperatures.

Appropriate quality melamine and melamine resin have been used safely in the production of tableware for decades.

The European Food Safety Authority are currently evaluating the role and classification of plant fibres in food contact materials. In the interim they have requested suppliers act in responsible fashion with regard to testing.

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