Have you ever seen this method of potting up cuttings before?


Our Facebook friend Linda Eadington posted an image the other day that raised a few eyebrows at Green Tones HQ! It shows a method of potting up cuttings that we hadn’t seen before.In short, a small pot (in this case, our small classic planter) is placed inside a larger one (our classic planter) and the space between the ri…

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Meet the #InstaGardeners - @my_little_allotment


Our latest #InstaGardener is so social media savvy that she has amassed 50,000 followers in just four years and visits schools to give career advice on the topic. Somehow we have also persuaded her to work with us!Over the next few weeks Kirsty Ward of @my_little_allotment will be introducing a series of ‘How To’ vid…

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Plant Inspiration - Sedum Rubrotinctum aka Jelly Beans!


Today we are looking at the Sedum Rubrotinctum AKA the Jelly Bean Plant, Pork and Beans Succulent or Christmas Cheer!They’re perfect to grow in our Small Classic or Small Square plant pots.This delicate plant orginates from Mexico and has green leaves in the shade that turn bright red when exposed…

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New! Biodegradable Wood Fibre Seedling Pots♻️


Biodegradable wood fibre pots for seed germination and transplantation of small plants and cuttings. Excellent value. Strong, yet flexible enough to allow roots to grow through the pot. Unlike reusable pots, designed to be transplanted whole to prevent damage to delicate roots. As they only contain natural materials, pots f…

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Get the kids gardening with Green Tones!


Mini Eco Pots for Children’s GardeningOur range of mini planters make educational gardening activities even more engaging for children. Young eyes love the striking, easily recognisable shapes and bright, vibrant colours, such as sunflower yellow, pumpkin orange and forest green.High manufacturing standards ensure they are…

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