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Plant Inspiration - Snake Plant (Sanseveria)

Plant Inspo

Are you in need of planting inspiration?Our newest feature takes a regular look at plants that can be grown in our eco-friendly pots, including details on how to care for them.First up is the Snake Plant, an easy to care for evergreen, native to West Africa.Snake Plant (Sanseveria) Facts;Native to tropical West Africa from Niger…

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Meet the #InstaGardeners - @joyofgrowing

Joy Of Growing 4

A rapidly rising gardening and environmental blogger puts our recycled and biodegradable plant pots to use.Gardeners hold the planet in higher regard than most. They work in it and on it, spend significant amounts of time at the mercy of its elements and continually use the resources it provides to spark and nurture growth.Throu…

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Meet the #InstaGardeners - @sowing_at_the_stoop

Claire Crawford Selection

In the first of a series of features on the gardeners of Instagram, we speak to Claire Crawford from ‘@sowing_at_the_stoop’. We recently asked one of the leading gardening figures on Instagram to run the rule over our eco-friendly plant pots.In one of her first Instagram posts back in 2017, Claire Crawford poste…

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