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Get the kids gardening with Green Tones!


Mini Eco Pots for Children’s GardeningOur range of mini planters make educational gardening activities even more engaging for children. Young eyes love the striking, easily recognisable shapes and bright, vibrant colours, such as sunflower yellow, pumpkin orange and forest green.High manufacturing standards ensure they are…

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Meet the #InstaGardeners - @allotment.fight.club


Things just got serious. Normally, the first rule of @Allotment.Fight.Club is that you do not talk about @Allotment.Fight.Club.  Somehow, we have persuaded its narrator to talk.In return for some inside thoughts from the entertaining Instagram account, we have agreed not to reveal his identity. From now on, he will be…

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Meet the #InstaGardeners - @rachels.allotment


Rachel Greenhill is a real-life, all-action, horticultural hero. By day she is a scientist at The University of Sheffield, growing and researching parasitic plants in controlled environment chambers to prevent their spread across the world.By night (and weekends, and bank holidays) she is an allotment gardener and rising Instagr…

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