Crocheted Cacti in Green Tones Pots!

Crochet Cacti in Mini Classic Pots by Rosemary Laughton

We love recieving customer images, but even more so when they are a bit out of the ordinary! 

We had to get in touch with one of our customers, Rosemary Laughton, who sent us this great photo of our Bamboo Fibre Mini Classic Pots with crochet cacti to find out a bit more about her story.

Rosemary makes crochet products, mostly Christmas Tree decorations, which her husband Humphrey then sells to family, friends and colleagues to raise money for charity.  

For this project Rosemary was looking for some small planters to hold some rather sweet cacti! Rosemary said “I chose those pots when I was doing a batch of crochet cacti for a change. They were the perfect size, brightly coloured and eco-friendly. If ever I do anything else in pots I would certainly buy them again.” 

As with all Green Tones products these pots are made from Bamboo Fibre, a natural, durable and practical alternative to plastics, ceramics and glassware. This composite of bamboo powder, organic resin, corn starch and recycled rice husks is bonded together by a resin derived solely from renewable resources. The fantastic colours are achieved using natural, food grade dyes that run evenly throughout the material.

Rosemary and her husbands work is all in aid of Haematology Cancer Care - a UCLH charity. She said “One of my sons had a successful bone marrow transplant there and is now fit and well. The charity raises money for the extras - equipment, alternative therapies, specialist nursing courses etc. Over the six years since his transplant we have raised about £3,000.”

If you have a unique use for our bamboo fibre products that you’d like us to share, contact us here.

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