Get the kids gardening with Green Tones!


Mini Eco Pots for Children’s Gardening

Our range of mini planters make educational gardening activities even more engaging for children. Young eyes love the striking, easily recognisable shapes and bright, vibrant colours, such as sunflower yellow, pumpkin orange and forest green.

High manufacturing standards ensure they are equally as pleasant to handle and durable enough to stand up to rough treatment, even during long term projects, increasing the likelihood of growing success. 

Whilst many of these qualities are generally associated with standard plastics, the Green Tones range is moulded in Bamboo Fibre, a far kinder composite.

Bamboo fibre mostly comprises powder ground out of either end of life bamboo products - such as  chopsticks, placemats, decking and scaffolding - or the offcuts from their production.  This powder is mixed with organic corn starch, a small amount of resin (melamine) for binding and food grade dyes.

Green Tones planters are available in 3 sizes and 11 colours. The classic models feature pre-pressed drainage holes that can be easily rasped out with supervision.

They are suited to a wide variety of projects, from germinating sunflowers and herb seeds to propagating pansies. A particularly engaging application is food education, with children growing their own vegetables for consumption. Radishes, courgettes and runner beans are popular choices as they are fast growing and retain attention.

Green Tones Planters:

  • Colourful

  • Tactile

  • Engaging

  • Durable

  • Eco Friendly

  • Reusable

  • Versatile

Suitable for:

  • Entertaining growing projects

  • Food education

  • Propagation

  • Germination

  • Covering smaller pots/seedlings

The Green Tones range also includes plates, cups and bowls moulded in bamboo fibre. These are colourful, resilient and dishwasher safe.

Small Square Planter - 90p

Rainbow Set (11 Planters) - Small Square Planter - £9

Small Classic Planter - 55p

Rainbow Set - Small Classic Planter - £5.50

Classic Planter - £1.15

Set of 5 Classic Planters (Green) - £5

Shipping is fixed at £4.50 per order, regardless of quantity.

REMY REMY2 Small Classic Small Square

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