Green Tones at RHS Wisley


Green Tones are delighted to be part of their grand re-opening of The RHS Wisley's new Welcome building at the Surrey garden. The £22 Million pound development which boasts a new Welcome building, a 100-seater table-service restaurant, café and shop with indoor and outdoor seating, pleasantly grouped around a beautiful open-air ‘village square’ with plenty of space to relax  in the sunshine with friends and family.

The garden which now sell’s the largest number of rare and unique plant varieties since it was gifted to the RHS more than a century ago was ‘officially’ re-opened by founding RHS ambassador Alan Titchmarsh on Monday 10th June 2019.

Over the last 200 years, the RHS has led the world in understanding the science, art and the practice of horticulture encouraging more and more people to get up, pull up their gardening boots and get outside following their successful #GreeningGreyBritain campaign. Next year will see even further advancements with the opening of the UK’s first National Centre for Horticultural Science and Learning, while the final phase will refurbish the on-site laboratory where the RHS hope to continue their ground-breaking horticultural and environmental research at Wisley.

Greening Great Britain
Committed to helping the UK’s 27 million gardeners to reduce their environmental impact and use of plastics has seen the introduction of several environmentally friendly procedures and products at RHS Wisley including the introduction of air Source heat pumps, 100% use of LED lighting an organisation-wide statement on plastic reduction and the exciting introduction of Green Tones pots to their range of hand-picked high-quality items in their new flagship store.

As with all Green Tones products these pots are made from Bamboo Fibre, a natural, durable and practical alternative to plastics, ceramics and glassware. This composite of bamboo powder, corn starch and organic resin (melamine) is principally derived from renewable resources. The eye-catching colours are achieved using natural food grade dyes that run evenly throughout the material. Offering a fresh contemporary feel, these pots are far kinder to the earth than standard or plastic alternatives providing a vibrant splash of colour to any garden or living space without the eco footprint!

They even feature pre-pressed holes that can be hammered out for drainage as required. This Green Tones range is heat/UV resistant, and waterproof - they can also withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees (great for when the British winter catches up with us)

Most importantly though, when the time comes to throw your Green Tones product away you can sleep easy knowing it’s biodegradable in landfill over 3-5 years leaving behind little or no synthetic waste!

Creating an environmentally friendly garden is a major step towards reducing your garden footptint and it’s never been so easy! 


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