Green Tones has launched!

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Welcome to our new site! 

Green Tones is an eco-friendly homewares brand providing tableware, garden pot, and pet bowls made from Bamboo Fibre (which you can read more about later!)

We want to take this opportunity to briefly introduce you to the Green Tones range and explain a little bit about each of them.


Our tableware comes in six fabulous colours: blue, light blue, red, orange, yellow, and pink. You can buy individual items starting from just £1.75 and mix and match, or buy them in a set of four for £28.50. They are heat resistant, water proof, and even dishwasher safe, so they are not only ideal for BBQs and parties due to being so lightweight, but they are durable enough for every day use as well.

Pots and Trays

Our garden pots come in varying sizes from a dinky 6.5cm up to 14cm, and are available in a wide range of colours. Most of our pots come with pre-pressed holes, so you can punch them through for drainage or leave them filled in depending on your requirements. Alternatively, the pots in our Mini Curved and Mini Square range do not feature pre-pressed drainage holes, so these are ideal as pot covers for your cactus or indoor herbs. Drainage holes can be cut in with a sharp drill if required.

Pet Bowls

We were sure not to forget our furry friends when designing the Green Tones range! Our pet bowls are lightweight, durable, and very stylish in shades of dark blue and terracotta.

With such a comprehensive range, the entire household can be eco-warriors! 

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