Green Tones @ Winchester University


We recently had the pleasure of supplying The University of Winchester, renowned for its sustainable values, with a selection of our recycled bamboo fibre cups and bowls.

The University of Winchester is at the forefront of developing ethical practice in the educational sector. This is highlighted by an ‘Environment Strategy’ they introduced in 2019 that commits to:

“Reducing environmental impact and embedding sustainability at every level of the institution and in all areas of the curriculum through the Education for Sustainable Development Programme.”

Amongst their specific commitments are a 65% reduction in energy usage, an 80% increase in recycling and attaining carbon neutrality, all by 2025.

The majority of their vehicles are now electric, all 8000 students are encouraged to adopt low carbon living and they even provide nesting sites for birds, bats and small mammals.

It is not hard to understand how they have become known as the “University for Sustainability and Social Justice.”

Given our shared principles, we were delighted when Laura Lincoln, their Future Students Officer, contacted us earlier this year to order cups and bowls for new arrivals.

“We will be giving them to our newly arriving International students in September,” Laura explained. “They will be in a ‘breakfast bag,’ which will contain a few bits to welcome students waking up in a new country.” 

Green Tones homeware was a natural fit for Winchester, as it is moulded in bamboo fibre, an innovative composite comprising recycled and biodegradable bamboo powder.

“We are The University for Sustainability and Social Justice, so sustainability is really important to us,” Laura added. 


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