Have you ever seen this method of potting up cuttings before?


Our Facebook friend Linda Eadington posted an image the other day that raised a few eyebrows at Green Tones HQ! It shows a method of potting up cuttings that we hadn’t seen before.

In short, a small pot (in this case, our small classic planter) is placed inside a larger one (our classic planter) and the space between the rims is used for planting.

Rather than try to explain in detail however, we asked the expert for a guide!

“The biggest advantage as I see it, is each plant develops a roof system in a confined area in the pot. The roots tend to go straight down to seek water and not wander all over the place, helping the roots stay separate and intact instead of having to be unravelled and disturbed. They can be eased easily from the small amount of compost around them.”

“The second advantage is being able to direct water into the inner pot, so you are not drowning the actual tiny plants with water. Alternatively you can gently water between the cuttings to avoid disturbing the first emerging roots. I think these two things help them grow quite vigorously and quickly!”

Is anybody going to give this technique a try?! Tag us in any pics if you do! #GreenTonesEco


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