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Things just got serious. 

Normally, the first rule of @Allotment.Fight.Club is that you do not talk about @Allotment.Fight.Club.  Somehow, we have persuaded its narrator to talk.

In return for some inside thoughts from the entertaining Instagram account, we have agreed not to reveal his identity. From now on, he will be referred to only as Tyler.

Tyler has had to fight for everything on his allotment. But he seems to enjoy that. After all, how much can you know about yourself, if you've never been in a fight?

Just to even acquire his plot took five and a half years. He then discovered bindweed, collapsed fencing and a slope that tested even his finely trained back. Other battles included rescuing a strawberry patch, picking cherries and, perhaps his first major victory, planting runner beans.

“I took on my allotment back in May 2019 after fighting my way to the top of a 5 year waiting list! It was heavily overgrown at the start and my initial battles were against the bindweed and brambles that had taken over the plot,” Tyler explains.

Subsequent fights have included battling pensioners for free council woodchip, dealing with giant spiders and taking on man flu. He came through the vast majority, to successfully plant a wide array of plants, from Rhubarb to Crocuses, and attract 3500 supporters.

“Since those early days I’ve had my fair share of vegetable growing success (potatoes, cauliflowers, parsnips, runner beans) mixed in with some epic failures...mostly due to the activities of the monster sized snails and slugs who inhabit my plot and feast on my seedlings!” Tyler added.

Who else would we ask next to give our Green Tones planters a test of their own?

“The first thing that struck me about the pots was the vibrant colours, which I love. Life is far too short to be dull,” insists Tyler.

But will they be able to last the distance? It seems so:

“They feel nice and firm, so will stand up to a bit of rough handling by my mini-allotment fight clubbers”

The allotment fight club has one of the best views we have seen. It overlooks Cardiff Bay, the Millenium Stadium and the Millenium Centre. That is all we can say about its location.

It seems our eco-friendly pots will be made to feel welcome there.

“It is great to hear that Green Tones pots are made using recycled bamboo. I am hoping this will help me achieve my dream of encouraging Pandas to visit! They will be ideal for potting up my chilli seedlings and growing herbs all year round,” Tyler finished.

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