Meet the #InstaGardeners - @my_little_allotment


Our latest #InstaGardener is so social media savvy that she has amassed 50,000 followers in just four years and visits schools to give career advice on the topic. Somehow we have also persuaded her to work with us!

Over the next few weeks Kirsty Ward of @my_little_allotment will be introducing a series of ‘How To’ video guides featuring our eco pots in a number of planting projects. First up, though, we take a look at her rise to fame…

Kirsty celebrated receiving the keys to her allotment with her first Instagram post in April 2017. It didn’t take long for the momentum behind the @my_little_allotment account to grow.

Initial topics covered the 3-year old Asparagus patch she was delighted to find, growing projects featuring tomatoes and cucumbers and the bunting she used to put her own twist on the incumbent shed. Within a month she had 1000 followers.

Kirsty’s follower pickup has remained roughly at this rate ever since, attracting her a total of just under 50,000 followers by April 2021.

The success of the account seems to be down to many factors. Bee-lover Kirsty really engages with her followers and covers not just traditional projects, from lettuces and pumpkin plants, to dahlias and zinnias, but also the less traditional, such as rhubarb gin, her dog Whiskey and #WorldNakedGardeningDay!

Kirsty is also extremely candid. One of the motivations for taking on the allotment was to help with her mental health, as she explained in a poignant post on its second anniversary:

“My allotment provides a place for me to escape, a place to focus, a place to be with nature, a place to grow my own, a place to learn, a place to exercise, a place to relax, a place to be peaceful, a place to well… do anything I need to help myself recover.”

In 2019 Kirsty also began adding videos to her account. One of the first covered managing the growth of chilli and aubergine seeds that had got a bit leggy.

Her willingness to share knowledge and natural presenting style saw them achieve high viewing figures from the off. They are now a staple feature, all beginning with the trademark “Hello everyone”.

So when Kirsty described receiving some of our pots as like ‘opening a rainbow’ we thought who better to work with on the series of ‘How To Guides’ we have been planning. Look out for the first one in the next few days!

Get following Kirsty on Instagram to view our first 'How To' video and use code LITTLE10 for 10% off at checkout!

Watch Kirsty's guide on How To: Repot Leggy Seedlings here!


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