Picnic Season is Coming!

Mixed Beakers

Whilst we are best known for our eco pots, we also offer recycled tableware that is ideal for picnics, parties, barbecues, camping and caravanning.

Outdoor dining has become one of the nation’s favourite pursuits over the last couple of years. If the recent glimpses of sun are anything to go by, we will be loading up the hampers and pouring the Pimms again in the very near future.

Our picnic ware is perfect for any outdoor occasion. It is bright, colourful, attractive and, despite being lightweight and portable, extremely durable.

Plates, bowls, and beakers are available individually or in sets, including our popular Rainbow bundles which give you one each of the five main colours we offer: Light Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow and Purple. Our picnic beakers are also available in a green, a sky blue and a bright yellow.

As with most of our ranges, our picnic ware is moulded in bamboo fibre, a recycled composite mostly comprising biodegradable bamboo power ground out from end-of-life products such as decking and chopsticks. This is mixed with corn starch and a small amount of melamine resin for binding. See our statement on bamboo fibre here.


Eco Plate Blue Eco Bowls Rainbow

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