Plant Inspiration - Snake Plant (Sanseveria)

Plant Inspo

Are you in need of planting inspiration?

Our newest feature takes a regular look at plants that can be grown in our eco-friendly pots, including details on how to care for them.

First up is the Snake Plant, an easy to care for evergreen, native to West Africa.

Snake Plant (Sanseveria) Facts;

  • Native to tropical West Africa from Nigeria to Congo.
  • Species of flowering plant in the Asparagaceae family.
  • Average lifetime of the Snake Plant is 5-10 years.
  • Other common names include: Mother-In-Law's Tongue and Saint George's Sword.

How to care for your Snake Plant;

  • Indirect sunlight but will tolerate low and high light conditions.
  • Water once every 2/3 weeks. DO NOT OVER WATER. Allow the soil to dry between waterings otherwise Sanseveria will rot.

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