100 x Wood Fibre Pots Image

100 x Wood Fibre Pots Image 100 x Wood Fibre Pots Image

100 x Wood Fibre Pots

Set of 100 biodegradable wood fibre pots from the Vitax Vitapots range. 6cm square. Complete pot can be transplanted to protect delicate roots. Flexible, natural fibres allow for easy penetration of water, air and roots.


Fill the pot with good quality compost, level and firm gently.

Sowing Seeds

Sow a couple of seeds in each pot, cover lightly with compost. Remove weaker seedling after germination.

Transplanting Seeds Sown in Trays

Transplant to pot when leaves sufficiently developed. Gently remove seedling from tray and lower root or cutting into a hole you have created in the compost in your pot. Firm compost around stem.


Water immediately after sowing or transplanting. Pot will darken in colour with sufficient moisture. Do not allow pot to dry out.

Planting Out

When roots begin to grow through the pot, simply make a hole in your soil and plant complete. Firm the soil the pot, ensuring it is completely covered. Water thoroughly for the first few days.

What is Green Tones

Eco-friendly homeware, typically offered in bright and bold colours. Much of the range is moulded in Bamboo Fibre, a recycled composite.  Other materials include wood fibre.  The range has been developed over ten years.

More information on our Bamboo Fibre Products (See below for Wood Fibre)

Bamboo fibre mostly comprises powder ground out of either end of life bamboo products - such as  chopsticks, placemats, decking and scaffolding - or the offcuts from their production.  This powder is mixed with organic corn starch, a small amount of resin (melamine) for binding and food grade dyes.

Composition of Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo Fibre is made up of several ingredients. Whilst the exact balance can vary according to the item being produced, a typical batch of Bamboo Fibre comprises:

70% Bamboo powder

20% Melamine Resin 

10% Cornstarch

Bamboo Fibre is BPA free.

Melamine Resin in Bamboo Fibre

Melamine resin is typically used to bind bamboo fibre composites. It is a polymer of the organic compound melamine and naturally occurring formaldehyde.  Progress has been made on alternative resins, but costs remain prohibitive. All reasonably priced Bamboo Fibre products contain melamine resin.

More information on our Wood Fibre products

We have recently added wood fibre products to our range. This mostly comprises fibres and organic pulp and is free from artificial binders and glues. 100% biodegradable. Wood fibre pots can be transplanted whole to protect more delicate roots, but are not reusable.