Picnic Set for Four - Purple Image

Picnic Set for Four - Purple Image Picnic Set for Four - Purple Image Picnic Set for Four - Purple Image

Picnic Set for Four - Purple

Sorry, this product is not availble to buy online.

** We are unfortunately out of purple beakers, so cannot sell this set. New stock arriving August 2022 **

Recycled, dining set for four in purple. Ideal for picnics, parties, camping and caravanning. Moulded in tactile Bamboo Fibre. Durable enough for everyday use, less resistant to shattering than ceramics. Please see below note on light blue beakers.

4 x Plates: 25.5cm diameter x 1.4cm tall (bevelled)
4 x Bowls: 14.7cm diameter x 7cm height
4 x Beakers: 9cm diameter x 13cm height. 450ml capacity.

As this tableware is made from natural materials, it may feature swirls, colour runs and marks from the moulding process. These will blend in quickly with use, particularly if cleaned in a dishwasher. 

Dishwasher Safe

Green Tones tableware is dishwasher safe, but not suitable for the microwave.

Colour variation

As Bamboo Fibre contains natural materials, shades can vary. Photographs, which have been shot in different lighting conditions, should only be used as a guide.  We will endeavour to ensure that all items in an order of the same colour match.

Shape variation

Bamboo fibre tableware can flex slightly after multiple uses. This adds natural character and does not impact structural integrity.

Food Contact

There are reports of tableware featuring low grade materials, including melamine, that can possibly leach into food in extreme circumstances. Our bamboo fibre manufacturer uses only a small amount of high grade melamine resin that has been tested to the most rigorous standards. Melamine has been used safely in the production of tableware for decades.

The European Food Safety Authority are currently evaluating the role and classification of plant fibres in food contact materials. In the interim they have requested suppliers act in responsible fashion with regard to testing.

Read more about bamboo fibre as a food contact material here.

What is Green Tones

Eco-friendly homeware, typically offered in bright and bold colours. Much of the range is moulded in Bamboo Fibre, a recycled composite.  Other materials include wood fibre.  The range has been developed over ten years.

More information on our Bamboo Fibre Products

Bamboo fibre mostly comprises powder ground out of either end of life bamboo products - such as  chopsticks, placemats, decking and scaffolding - or the offcuts from their production.  This powder is mixed with organic corn starch, a small amount of resin (melamine) for binding and food grade dyes.

Composition of Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo Fibre is made up of several ingredients. Whilst the exact balance can vary according to the item being produced, a typical batch of Bamboo Fibre comprises: 70% Bamboo powder, 20% Melamine Resin, 10% Cornstarch. Bamboo Fibre is BPA free.