Small Square Planter - Green Image

Small Square Planter - Green Image Small Square Planter - Green Image

Small Square Planter - Green

Small, recycled plant pot with sleek lines and square top. ideal pot covers for cacti, herbs and other small plants. Also suitable for germination and propagation. Can be used repeatedly, unlike traditional seed trays and propagation containers. Pre-pressed holes in the base of this model require rasping or drilling for drainage.

Dimensions: 8.5cm x 8cm

Logo printed on a transparent sticker. Please contact us if you require a large number of pots without our logo. 

What is Green Tones

Eco-friendly homeware, typically offered in bright and bold colours. Much of the range is moulded in Bamboo Fibre, a recycled composite.  Other materials include wood fibre.  The range has been developed over ten years.

More information on our Bamboo Fibre Products

Bamboo fibre mostly comprises powder ground out of either end of life bamboo products - such as  chopsticks, placemats, decking and scaffolding - or the offcuts from their production.  This powder is mixed with organic corn starch, a small amount of resin (melamine) for binding and food grade dyes.

Composition of Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo Fibre is made up of several ingredients. Whilst the exact balance can vary according to the item being produced, a typical batch of Bamboo Fibre comprises: 70% Bamboo powder, 20% Melamine Resin, 10% Cornstarch. Bamboo Fibre is BPA free.