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Whilst these bamboo fibre cups feature in our dining sets, they are also ideal as standalone beakers for picnics, parties and BBQ’s. Given that they share many of the characteristics of plastic cups, they are also increasingly used in workplaces, classrooms and residential settings. Unlike plastic, these 450ml cups are moulded from recycled materials and will biodegrade once placed in landfill. Bamboo fibre is dishwasher safe, extremely durable and has a lower shatter point than ceramic tableware.

£1.80 Round Cup - Light Blue

Round Cup - Light Blue

A 450ml cup in light blue - one of our newest colours.

£1.80 Round Cup - Light Pink

Round Cup - Light Pink

A 450ml cup in a subtle shade of pink.

£1.80 Round Cup - Orange

Round Cup - Orange

A 450ml cup in our brightest shade of orange.

£1.80 Round Cup - Purple

Round Cup - Purple

A 450ml cup in a classic purple colour.

£1.80 Round Cup - Yellow

Round Cup - Yellow

A 450ml cup in a bright shade of yellow.