Round Cup - Light Pink Image

Round Cup - Light Pink

These beakers have a large capacity of 450ml and are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Whilst they feature in our dining sets, they are often purchased alone and used in offices, residential settings and classrooms as they are extremely durable. Bamboo fibre is lightweight, yet tough, with a lower tendency to shatter than ceramics. It is also biodegradable and recycled from decommissioned bamboo products.

Dimensions: 9cm diameter x 13cm height

Colour: Pink

Food Safety Testing

All of our products have been tested to the most stringent food safety standards, including two hour migration testing at high temperatures. Also suitable for dishwashers.

Please do not microwave

We use a small amount of high grade melamine to bind our eco-friendly composite, so please do not microwave.

Colour variation

Please note that bamboo fibre is a natural material including food grade dyes, so colour shades can vary slightly, even amongst tableware from the same batch. Photographs, which have been shot in different lighting conditions, should only be used as a guide.  We will, however, ensure that all the items of the same colour in an order match.

Shape variation

Bamboo fibre tableware can flex slightly after multiple uses, but this just adds natural character and does not impact structural integrity.

All our colours are green.

Green Tones offers a range of eco-friendly homeware, including garden planters, tableware, and pet bowls, in a selection of eye-catching colours. As one of the first suppliers of Bamboo Fibre in the UK, we have been developing our range for almost ten years.

What is it Bamboo Fibre?

The Green Tones range is made from ‘bamboo fibre,’ a natural, durable, and practical alternative to plastics, ceramics and glassware. This composite of bamboo powder, organic resin, corn starch and recycled rice husks is bonded together high-grade melamine for durability. The fantastic colours are achieved using natural, food grade dyes that run evenly throughout the material.

Is Bamboo Fibre Biodegradable?

The simple answer is yes! At least 80% of it. Unlike the discarded plastics that are mounting up in land-fill sites, Bamboo Fibre has been designed to break down when buried in soil and exposed to the long-term moisture this provides. Do not worry, even under these conditions the process takes 2-3 years and bamboo fibre will not degrade in any other situation.

The Right Mix

Bamboo Fibre is made up of several natural ingredients. Whilst the exact balance can vary according to the item being produced, a typical batch of Bamboo Fibre comprises:

63% Bamboo powder - This is achieved by grinding down decommissioned/sterilised bamboo products, such as chopsticks, table mats and scaffolding.

20% organic resin – Melamine - This is required to bond the composite. We are working on other resins, but as yet no cost effiicient alternative with similar bonding capabilities has been discovered. All reasonaby priced Bamboo Fibre products contain melamine, despite what other sellers may claim.

Cornstarch 10% - Helps bind the material and aids biodegradability.

6% Water - Good old H20 helps keep the composite malleable for the moulding process.

0.5% Water based paint - A natural, acrylic paint that is water based (or waterborne). Contains only natural resins and pigments that are certified foodsafe according to ROHS, REACH and FDA standards.

0.5% Natural Toner - Additional organic pigment that helps us achieve those striking colours. Also tested to ROHS, REACH and FDA standards.