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Having a garden party, BBQ, or picnic? Going camping or caravanning? Our recycled plates are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for all outdoor dining. As they are tactile, attractive and dishwasher safe, they are also suitable for everyday indoor use. Our tableware is increasingly found in work, classroom and residential environments given that it is far less resistant to shattering than ceramics. As with our entire range, our picnic and tableware is moulded from bamboo, a biodegradable composite derived from decommissioned bamboo products, such as chopsticks and scaffolding. Please contact us if you have bulk requirements.

£14.65 Large Plate - Rainbow Set

Large Plate - Rainbow Set

5 of our 25cm plates in an assortment of colours.

£2.95 Large Plate - Light Blue

Large Plate - Light Blue

A 25cm plate in light blue - one of our newest colours.

£2.95 Large Plate - Light Pink

Large Plate - Light Pink

A 25cm plate in a subtle pastel pink.

£2.95 Large Plate - Orange

Large Plate - Orange

A 25cm plate in our brightest colour orange.

£2.95 Large Plate - Purple

Large Plate - Purple

A 25cm plate in a classic shade of purple.

£2.95 Large Plate - Yellow

Large Plate - Yellow

A 25cm plate in a bright shade of yellow.