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Set for Four

These 12-piece bamboo fibre dining sets include bowls, plates, and cups for four, making them ideal for families who like to picnic, camp or caravan. Whilst bamboo fibre is most popular for outdoor dining given that it is lightweight, yet durable, it is perfectly suitable for everyday use and is dishwasher proof. Despite boasting many of the characteristics of plastic, our tableware is manufactured from recycled materials and bio-degrades in landfill. If you have a food outlet, are catering for an event, or have other large scale requirements please contact us.

£20.00 Family Set - Light Blue

Family Set - Light Blue

A 12-piece picnic and dining set in a light pastel blue.

£20.00 Family Set - Orange

Family Set - Orange

An orange picnic and dining set that will brighten any meal.

£20.00 Family Set - Pink

Family Set - Pink

A gorgeous pink dinner. Plates, cups and bowls for four.

£20.00 Family Set - Purple

Family Set - Purple

Dinner set for four in our freshest colour.

£20.00 Family Set - Yellow

Family Set - Yellow

A sunny yellow 12-piece dining set. Ideal for picnics.